The Lord is my Shepherd (ENGLISH: Apostolic Bible Polyglot)

ENGLISH: Apostolic Bible Polyglot

Psalms 23

1 The lord tends me, and not one thing lacks for me.

2 In the place of tender shoots, there he encamped me. At the water of rest, he nourished me.

3 [2my life 1He returned]; he guided me upon roads of righteousness because of his name.

4 For if even I should go in the midst of the shadow of death, I shall not be afraid of evils, for you [2with 3me 1are]. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

5 You prepared before me a table, right opposite the ones afflicting me. You anointed [2with 3oil 1my head], and your cup is intoxicating me as most excellent.

6 And your mercy pursues me all the days of my life; and my dwelling is in the house of the lord for duration of days.


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